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Paintball Gun Repair Shop in San Gabriel

We offer a 1-week turnaround guaranteed (if parts are in stock) on paintball gun service and repair done in our San Gabriel Valley store. Our performance guarantee means that if there are any problems concerning the work we provided on your marker, it will be repaired at no cost. Our technicians have more than 8 years of experience working on Bob Long, Tippmann, Spyder, Ego, Shocker, Dye Matrix, and many other notable brands. We offer flat fee of $10 for all diagnostics. If you choose to repair your marker with us, we will remove the $10 fee and only charge the base fee for repair.

To diagnose a problem, we need to have the marker in our hands. When the customer brings it in, we need to air it up, test fire it, and then give our diagnosis. Our prices vary based on the gun’s issue. There are several problems your paintball marker may have, such as leaking near the ASA, leaking from the front, leaking down the barrel, gun not recocking, double firing, or paintballs rolling down the barrel. Aside from fixing those issues, we will also replace seals, rings, and springs. If you are looking to have your gun fixed by a professional, bring it to one of our paintball marker service and repair experts. Visit us or contact us today so we can help you perfect your game!

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